Tuesday, November 18, 2014


How do you know where you end, and the external begins?

As we collect the thoughts that eventually become us, what happens to the old thoughts? Are they discarded? Is there only room for so many? It makes me a little sad, watching bits of me shift and fall away like sand through fingers. I don't always like these new feelings. Sometimes I clutch on to certain things even if they hurt me and form a large stone in my chest.

At times I question the point of being an animal that by nature feels separate from everything else, if everything else is constantly pouring into me. Input output.

How is this life to be lived? With courage and a heart of passion? A cowardly life is a life too. There is no courage without cowardice, neither exist until you propel yourself in one direction and in doing so define the opposite...

In what direction shall I go in this empty space?

Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Cloud House

I'm not there yet but one day I will be a storyteller
View a BTS and speed edit video here: http://kyliewoon.4ormat.com/blog/a-cloud-house

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